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Welcome To My Website!

This website is designed to showcase my modest world banknotes collection with fancy serial digits that consist of the number Eight "000008" and Solid Eights "888888". My current collection shown on this website are not complete nor for sale. Like for many unique banknote collectors around the world, my eight (#8) and solid eights banknotes collection is far from completed.

I also Purchase, Exchange, Trade and Assist on requests among my networking range of friends, sellers and fellow collectors around the world. Please don't hesitate to email anytime at should you have, want, need or help sell your banknotes with serial number ONLY containing numeral #8 or Solid 8's and I will try to do my best to assist your needs!

Please feel free to take a look around at my World Serial Numbered Eights (#8 - 888888) Banknotes Collection here by simply clicking on the icons above that says: 888888, 000008, SOLID 888888, MISC. SOLID and for my SUPER MEGA (#8 - 888888) Banknotes Collection simply click on one of the two spinning solid gold 8's icons located below.

Please kindly wait for all the Flash Slideshows to load up before the clips could start rolling for your viewing pleasure, thanks and enjoy!

Welcome to Solid Eights Website!

Since 2006, I had the pleasure of discussing with many wonderful people around the world about my collection. To those who has assisted me on accumulating additional world banknotes to my expanding collection, I like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your assistance. Thank you always.

May 8, 2013

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